How To Get The Best Sub Prime Auto Loan

In general, it isnít so hard to find and get approved for a subprime auto loan these days. Lenders are no longer afraid of providing loans to people with bruised credit. Terms and penalties have loosened and thatís why many people today with less-than-perfect credit are more confident to purchase a car through a loan. But before you start shopping and applying for a bad credit car loan, we want to share with you the following reminders.

Shop around.
You may have heard or read this reminder countless of times, but we just want to stress the importance of shopping around. First, rip-off artists are increasing in number and they are getting smarter in tricking people like you. You can avoid them and their ploys by looking at several lenders and comparing their price quotes with each other. You can easily identify abusive lenders this way.

Also, the interest rates for bad credit auto loans vary from lender to lender. You wonít be able to find the best subprime auto loan without looking at what other lenders have to offer. In comparing loan quotes, you can use an auto loan calculator to aid you with the math.

Donít repay the loan for over 48 months.
Extending your loan term is not the best way to repay a subprime auto loan, although it usually looks like it is. But keep in mind that an auto loan accrues more interest as the repayment period is extended. Monthly payments may be lower but youíll pay more interest. This is why debt advisers recommend keeping the loan term as short as possibleópreferably not more than 48 months or 4 years. Again, you can use an auto loan calculator to compare the total costs of a long-term auto loan and a short one.

Find a cosigner.
A cosigner gives you an edge when applying for a car loan with bad credit. Having one gives lenders an assurance that you will be able to repay the loan, thus increasing your chances of getting approved. Your cosigner can be anyone you trust but he or she must have good credit in order to qualify.

Have sufficient income.
If you canít show good credit, might as well let lenders know you are earning enough and that you are unlikely to be laid off anytime soon. Lenders want to see a bad credit borrower at least receiving sufficient income to make the monthly payments on time. Some bad credit lenders help their borrowers come up with a good budget and finance plan to make sure they will pay off on time and improve their credit in effect.

Know your credit score.
Whatís the point of knowing your credit score if you have bad credit anyway? You still need to check your credit to avoid getting ripped off. Predatory lenders in the market would lie about your credit score if they find out you havenít checked your credit yet. They do that so they can charge you a higher interest rate. To avoid scams like this, better find out how you are exactly doing credit-wise.


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Auto Approval Center is a lead provider to lenders around the US. Average APR rates range from 3.2% to 24% depending on credit. Some dealers/lenders may have implications for non-payment or late payments, please see your specific terms for more information. By applying with Auto Approval Center, you agree to have your credit pulled for lending purposes and this could have an impact to your credit score. Thank You for your business!

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